Wedding Cake Trends Summer 2018

13 Wedding Cake Trends for Summer 2018

The crown jewel of a wedding feast is the cake. The unspoken rule is the cake should be so stunning that guests will question whether taking a slice is worth ruining the beauty of the creation. There are some truly innovative and exquisite cakes appearing on dessert tables that put that rule to the test. Here are 13 wedding cake trends that will make a statement this summer:

  1. Gold Cakes

What’s more summer-y than the color gold? It shines like the sun and creates a warm, classy look that’s gorgeous on wedding cakes. You can accent your cake with gold fondant or gold flakes, or go all out by completely covering a tier or two in gold. And as long as the gold used is at least 24 karats, it’s edible.

  1. Geode Cakes

Vivid crystals are making an appearance on summer wedding cakes for good reason – they’re beautiful and interesting; an unusual accent for a traditional dessert. Geode cakes appear to be delicate shells split open with colorful crystals spilling out and create a perfect look for a wedding with a natural, bohemian theme.

  1. Botanical Cakes

Succulents, herbs, and other leafy greens have been popular choices for table décor and bridal bouquets for years – it was only a matter of time before inventive bakers started creating botanical-themed cakes. This summer, we expect to see cakes adorned with edible greenery, as well as succulents designed from piped icing. The terrarium-like look of these botanical cakes are ideal for woodland wedding themes.

  1. Drip Cakes

Drizzled in flavor, drip cakes look elegant and taste delectable. Many bakers choose to add fresh fruit and edible flowers to complement the artfully placed drips that seem to flow down the tiers. This style often brings to mind a waterfall, which makes drip cake designs very popular for summer weddings.

  1. Watercolor

Refreshing and artistic, smooth pastels blend in lovely patterns on watercolor cakes. This whimsical style looks chic on wedding invitations, table numbers, websites, and more – having a matching cake gives the celebration a dreamy, Monet-ish vibe.

  1. Hand-Painted Flowers

Hand-painted floral details are popping up everywhere on cakes and the style is perfect for summer weddings with garden themes. Romantic and delicate, every hand-painted tier is clearly a work of art and gives the bride and groom a chance to have a very personalized design on their cake.

  1. Brushstroke Cakes

These art-inspired cakes are very in vogue for summer 2018 weddings. Invented by Kalabasa Bakery, the brushstroke design is created by melting chocolate on wax paper and using a paintbrush to create “feathers.” Once the feathers harden, they are placed on a cake and result in a very dramatic, mod style. Whether using bold colors or soft hues, each cake has a very unique, Insta-worthy look.

  1. Torn Paper Cakes

Sophisticated and feminine, the torn paper effect is an eye-catcher. The thin layers of fondant seem to be delicately peeling from the tiers and you would guess it’s taken the baker years to arrange each piece so perfectly. Depending on the colors, the icing can appear to be gilded tree bark, silk ribbons, or even pages of an antique book.

  1. 3-D Textured Cakes

The avant-garde style of 3-D textured cakes will be popular at summer weddings with a modern, contemporary vibe. These cakes run the gamut in artful conception, but what they have in common is the design seems to jump out at you. Some 3-D cakes will create that depth with icing and fondant, and some use unique topper like plants and fabric. Each one is its own work of art.

  1. Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are perfect for beach weddings, or weddings on hot, summer days where guests are dressed to stay cool. Each tier has “barely there” icing, with the cake itself peeking through the light mist of flavor. Simple and classy, naked cakes are always a favorite.

  1. Dark Blue Cakes

Black cakes have been making top trends lists recently, but a summer twist on the refined and elegant style is to opt for dark blues. A deep navy or rich denim color is unexpected – it’s classy and a lovely addition to a wedding with cocktail attire and a sense of high fashion.

  1. Logo Cakes

Another trend is for couples to add their own personal logo to wedding cakes. Cakes are being decorated with wedding dates, wedding hashtags, monograms of the bride and groom’s names, and even symbols that represent the couple.

  1. Swag Cakes

“Behind the velvet rope” takes on new meaning with swag cakes. Even the simplest white cakes are transformed into fancy delicacies with graceful confectionary roping adorning the tiers. Bakers often use gold fondant or even strands of pearls to create the swag.

Each season brings its own unique style and we see cake designs pull inspiration from high fashion, pop culture, and more. Be a trendsetter for your wedding with one of the 13 types of cakes we’re predicting to be big this summer.

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