Wine and Beer Pairing for cake

2 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Enjoy Our Treats (Wine and Beer Pairing)

Our cakes are the perfect addition to your next beer or wine tasting party. Because of the variety of desserts we have available, you can choose a few different cakes to match with your favorite beverages. Since we are located in San Diego with some of the world’s best beers, we will focus on beer pairings, but we have also included a few wines, too. Next time you are having people over for a few drinks have some of Ne-Mo’s cakes on hand.

Ne-Mo's Breads

Carrot Cake

Our carrot cake is what made us famous! Made with fresh carrots, real cream cheese frosting, and a proprietary blend of spices, this delicious and moist cake is perfect for pairing with wine and beer. To balance out the sweet taste of our carrot cake, try an orange or other citrus infused IPA. The carrot cake will definitely compliment the complex bitterness of the IPA, but it will also lessen the intensity the hops infuse into the IPA. The combination of the bright citrus notes and the tart cream cheese frosting will have you going back for more!


Banana Cake

Just like Grandma used to make it, our banana is made with real bananas and walnuts. Moist and decadent, this cake is a perfect match for a nutty brown ale or a buttery Chardonnay. The malty and caramel undertones of the nut brown ale will match perfectly with the walnuts packed into our banana cake. You can also pair a full-bodied chardonnay with our delicious cake: with flavors of vanilla, butter, and oak, the smooth Chardonnay will add complexity to the creamy taste of bananas you will find in our freshly baked cakes!


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is one of the best desserts to pair with wine. You can choose almost any wine to pair with our classic chocolate cake squares, but we prefer the complex and full-bodied taste of an aged cabernet sauvignon. Cabernet’s black cherry and blackberry fruity notes will highlight the sweetness of the chocolate, while the vanilla, oak, and black pepper undertones will be the perfect match for the rich chocolatey goodness found in each of our squares. If you want a beer to go with our chocolate cake squares, reach for your nearest porter. This beer is a great companion to our chocolate thanks to its toffee and roasted malt notes. Either way, you pair this cake, you will not be disappointed.


Coffee Cake

Coffee cake, with its cinnamon crumble and sweet cake, is a perfect companion piece to your tasting party. When choosing a wine, try a shiraz with its full-bodied flavor. The black and blueberry notes will be enhanced by the coffee cake’s cinnamon sweet crumble. But if you are looking to pair it with beer, there is no better option than the diverse selections of ale that come from Belgium. Belgian ales come in numerous varieties of flavors, styles, and strength which makes it a perfect accompaniment to versatile coffee cake. Whether you choose a raspberry lambic, a caramel quadruple ale, or a Trappist ale, our coffee cake is the perfect companion for your Belgian beer pairing.


Key Lime Bundt Cake

Our Key Lime Bundt Cake is the perfect summer dessert with its sunny citrus flavor. This makes it a perfect match for a bright and light sauvignon blanc and its sunny disposition. Thanks to having anywhere from zesty lime to flowery peach flavors, a sauvignon blanc is the perfect pairing for this bundt cake. If you are in a beer mood, a farmhouse ale is the perfect pairing for a citrus dessert. Thanks to their versatile styles and palettes, farmhouse ales are a great match for this bundt cake. Saison farmhouse ales are one of the best options thanks to their spicy and gingery flavor notes.


Sriracha Jalapeno Bread

If you are in the mood for a savory addition to your tasting party, try our new Sriracha Jalapeño Bread. This cornbread is the perfect accompaniment for sweet and dry rieslings. Thanks to their rosy and stone fruit disposition, rieslings will cut the heat without hiding the bite of our delicious cornbread. If it is beer you are craving on a hot summer day, a dry and crisp pilsner is the best answer to accompany our new bread. The tang from the Sriracha will be smoothed out by the refreshing clarity of smooth pilsner. Whether it is wine or beer you choose to enjoy, reach for one of these two beverages—you will be happy either way!