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Baking Delight: Great Gifts for the Bakers in Your Life

We all have that person in our life: the baker aficionado! Whether it be your best friend, significant other, or family member, there is a wide array of special gifts you can get them for their next birthday, holiday, or if you just want to surprise them. Take a look at this list of unique, useful, and sometimes hilarious gifts.

Marble Rolling Pin

We all know that debonair baker: the one with the gleaning marble counter with modern wood cabinets. To match their beautiful kitchen décor that would make any Pinterester swoon, get them this marble rolling pin to meet their baking needs. Natural stone marble keeps the dough cool while rolling out cookie dough or kneading bread, and the extra weight helps the dough flatten out. This is one good-looking tool any baker would want!

Baking Scale

While cooking is about building and layering flavors, baking is all about rules and following them to the tee. That’s why some recipes will specifically call for the weight of its ingredients; doing anything else will result in a sadly deflated soufflé, a cake leaning as if it were in Pisa, or a loaf that makes a better brick than bread. For those baking diehards in your life, they will surely appreciate this baking scale from Finesseur. Precise and elegant, this scale can balance in either customary or metric measuring units. The baker in your life will rejoice upon receipt of this gift!

Macaron Kit and Macaron Kitchen Towel

France is the mecca for bakers. Patisseries and boulangeries are more plentiful than a Starbucks in Seattle, and the air wafts with freshly baked breads throughout the day, but especially during the early morning. One of the most elegant pastries, macarons are a testament to the country’s dedication to art and beauty which is why you should get this macaron kit and this matching macaron kitchen towel for the Francophile baker you know and love. Maybe they’ll even bake you a set of macarons to say merci!

Bear Oven Mitts

When baking with kids, it’s as much about the fun in the process as it is to enjoy the end results. That’s why these bear oven mitts from Fred and Friends are sure to create a laugh during your next baking party. The perfect marriage of fun and functionality, these cotton-constructed oven mitts are also outfitted with heat-resistant silicone “paws.” You’ll be able to handle hot food easily while also handing out tickles to the kiddos.

Muffin Top Baking Cups

Everyone has had that dreaded moment in front of their mirror: pulling up their favorite pants, only to realize they have outgrown them, creating that dreaded body shape: the muffin top. Taking puns to a whole new level, these muffin top baking cups make the look literal and way more fun. You can fill these little cups with your favorite cake batter, and as they bake, they come up over the edges. This is the perfect gift for the master cupcake baker (or muffin man) who will make you a cake as fast as they can.

Heart Eyes Emoji Cookie Cutter

All of our faces, at one time or another, have made the heart eyes emoji when we’ve walked into a roomful of freshly baked cookies. Now, you can make those cookies look just like you with this heart eyes emoji cookie cutter. Send your friends a text message of these emojis and, before you know it, they will be over in a snap, ready to enjoy freshly baked treats. Perfect for sugar or gingerbread cookies, you can also choose two other emoji looks and choose from a variety of sizes.

Cookies and Milk Mug

Once you and your baking friends’ emojis calm down from all the fresh baked goodness, pull out this face-shaped cookies and milk mug from Uncommon Goods. This dish is ideal for the match made in heaven: milk and cookies. The mouth is a perfect shelf for your baked saucers, while the mug is an ideal vessel for the milk to dunk it in. If you are not a fan of dairy, feel free to use any milk substitute—you can even replace it with coffee to give the classic pairing a caffeinated twist!

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