Baking trends in 2019

Baking Trends for 2019

Consumers love to try new things and the trends of 2019 are destined to be crowd pleasers. Many people are searching for healthier (and tastier!) alternatives to classic, carb-filled treats and they are achieving this goal in many ways. Along with alterations in portions and ingredients, many people have started to experiment with flavor mash-ups like bacon on donuts and other inventive combos that are taking the food world by storm. Whether you try making these treats at home or buy them at bakeries, here are some of biggest baking trends to look out for in 2019:

Healthy Options

Gluten Free:

With many Americans looking for healthier alternatives to their regular snacks, gluten-free desserts and other dairy-free products allow people with lactose intolerance and celiac disease to enjoy a delicious variety of desserts. Baking gluten-free cakes, cookies, and other baked goods aren’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are many recipes with flour substitutions that mimic the fluffy and chewy consistency of gluten. Sometimes these gluten-free treats taste just as good as the normal gluten-filled delights, if not better!


As the ketogenic trend and other popular low-carb diets begin to take hold of the national wellness movement, desserts are usually left out of the equation. Say it isn’t so! You might have to get creative when working with keto-friendly desserts as it can get relatively complicated to master. But with a few key ingredients, like dates instead of processed sugar and almond flour as an alternative to regular all-purpose flour, you’ll have a satisfying cookie that’s healthy but doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

Organic Ingredients:

Organic foods have already taken over the health food market. Desserts are the next up-and-coming craze in the organic foods scene, and it’s because consumers prefer treats made with wholesome ingredients that don’t have chemicals or pesticides. The result is an incredible flavor that adds to the overall quality of your baked goods. Organic is better for your health, the environment, and your taste buds, a win-win for everyone!


Along with the sudden wave of odd baking trends, bite-sized treats have been increasing in popularity because it gives you the option of reducing unhealthy proportions. In an attempt to be more health-conscious while still maintaining the flavors of comfort itself, pastry chefs have been making bite-sized treats with classic desserts–from cheesecake and tortes to cookies and cakes.

Flavor Mash-ups

Bacon Donuts:

Maple bacon-glazed donuts may sound appalling to the non-adventurous types but it’s like green eggs and ham—once you taste it you will fall in love with this savory-sweet treat. Bacon-glazed donuts are said to evoke the nostalgia of a rustic camping breakfast; one accompanied by pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup… All in one delicious treat!


Brookies are an irresistible cross-pollination of two classic treats—brownies and cookies. Rising in popularity since the beginning of 2018, these delicious treats are likely to become a staple at bakeries and home kitchens everywhere. If you’re an indecisive brownie/cookie lover, this is the perfect treat—why not be greedy and have both?!


Everybody loves desserts infused with s’more-style marshmallows, which means that this sugary baking trend is here to stay. This is great news for the sweet tooth. From s’more rice crispy treats to s’more cakes, people are incorporating melted marshmallows into a range of classic desserts, and it works like magic in almost every one!

Cake Styles

Simplistic Cakes:

These elegant cakes have been gaining traction all throughout 2018 and into 2019. They are normally one solid color (usually white) with a few simple decorations like flowers, names or words, or some type of plant or leaves incorporated throughout.

Odd Shaped Cakes:

Recently, bakers have looked to their high school geometry class for creating some of the most attention-grabbing cakes out there. Featuring sharp edges and geometric figures of all shapes and sizes, odd-shaped cakes by master pastry chefs are considered world-class desserts, especially with a captivating aesthetic that’s almost too beautiful to eat!

Hand Painted/Sketched Design:

These conversation starters are perfect for bakers with an artistic flair. Turning the pastry chef into an artist, there are infinite possibilities on how you can design your cake. Using a combination of food coloring and moldable fondant, hand painted/sketched cakes help bring a stylish and creative look to desserts of all kinds.

Try incorporating these baking trends into your pastry repertoire and get ready to be delighted with these interesting and unexpected desserts that everyone will love. Be an innovator and start experimenting with these new recipes before everyone else!


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