From Beginner to Expert – Must Have Tool for Every Baker

From Beginner to Expert – Must Have Tool for Every Baker

Baking is as easy as pie when your kitchen is equipped with all the essentials. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced pastry whiz, these tools will help you ‘bake’ the world a better place. After all, life is always better when it’s sugarcoated.


Nonstick Baking Sheet

For the beginner baker, lots of enthusiasm and a nonstick baking sheet can go a long way. The special coating keeps the cookies or other sweet confections from sticking while the lightweight build helps to evenly distribute heat.

Parchment Paper

Also nonstick, parchment paper makes cleanup a snap by keeping a safe layer of protection between the sheet and your baked goods. Its waxy coating also makes a clean and workable surface area for rolling out dough, especially when you use weights to keep it in place.

Measuring Tools

A set of tablespoons and teaspoons hooked together makes it easy to measure out ingredients quickly and precisely. Add a set of measuring cups and you’re all set for everyday recipes.


Electric Hand Mixer

For the more experienced baker, chances are they already have the basic set of tools needed for most recipes. But if they bake on the regular, an electric hand mixer helps to speed up the blending process. It also produces smooth, lump-free batter without much effort.

Food Processor

This handy piece of equipment makes baking easy because it does the chopping for you. It also can be used to make starter dough for piecrusts and pastries.

French Rolling Pin

A favorite go-to of Martha Stewart, the French rolling pin is easier to operate because of its streamlined build without handles. It also makes an excellent roller for large pieces of fondant.


Offset Spatula & Lazy Susan Cake Stand

Putting the icing on the cake can be a big gloppy mess without the right kitchen tools. And in the baking world, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The answer to beautiful icing application is the offset spatula and rotating cake stand, a match made in pastry heaven for the world-class baker.

Cake Tins

For the advanced baker, they probably already own a variety of nonstick baking tins. But what really takes the cake is the 8 x 3 inch tin, which is designed to heat the batter steadily with its extra depth and straight sides. The result is a cake that rises evenly and turns out fluffy every time. The deeper tin is also a perfect choice for layer cakes like chiffon, tiramisu, or coconut cake.

Stand Mixer

If you’re making a 7-layer wedding cake, you don’t have time to mix all the ingredients separately, which is why a stand mixer is vital for the professional baker. With a variety of attachments, you can make the perfect pastry dough or batter in a fraction of the time because this type of heavy-duty equipment allows you to blend all the ingredients at the same time.

Home is where the cake is, so grab the gear and get ready for the ultimate bake-off with your friends and loved ones.

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