The Benefits of Fresh Ingredients

The Benefits of Fresh Ingredients

Most people have heard that “fresher is better,” but what does that mean exactly? And is it true? Fresh ingredients, like the ones used in Ne-Mo’s treats, are inarguably better for many reasons.


Fresh ingredients are tastier. No amount of food processing or chemical engineering can replicate or sustain the natural, vivid flavors that infuse fresh ingredients. The tartness of a ripe lemon or sweetness of a fresh blueberry will always taste better than the processed or preserved versions.

If you’re doubtful, try a taste test. Bite into one of Ne-Mo’s famous cake squares, made with quality ingredients such as sweet baby carrots, real cream cheese, fresh bananas, and real cocoa. Then compare it to a slice of carrot cake that has been made with not-so-fresh ingredients. Your mouth can decide for itself, but the flavor difference will be distinct!


Using fresh ingredients is healthier because they retain more nutritional value, whereas processing food reduces its nutrients and can often eliminate the good stuff it contains, like antioxidants and fibers. Those nutrients are important both physically and emotionally. When eating fresh ingredients and foods, you’ll have better energy, moods, and metabolism.

Not eating fresh can have more serious health side effects, too. Foods that have been treated with preservatives won’t spoil as fast, but can be toxic to your body. Any foods that have been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals also have the potential to damage your health. Your digestive system has to work a lot harder to process chemicals and preservatives, and can lose nutrients in the process. Various studies have also linked breathing problems, hyperactivity, and cancer to processed and chemically treated foods.


Growing your own fresh ingredients can save you money. Fruit and vegetable seeds are cheap and if you have the space, a home garden is an extremely affordable way to get fresh ingredients on your table. For people who don’t have a yard (or greenhouse), consider growing one food item you eat frequently indoors, like baby tomatoes. Nurturing a few pots of tomatoes will save you a bit of cash and keep fresh antioxidants in your diet.

When comparing prices at the grocery store or a restaurant, it’s true that processed or not-so-fresh food is typically cheaper… but it will cost more in the long term. The negative effects to your health can be pricey: doctor appointments, medicines, treatments, etc.


Using or buying foods with fresh ingredients strengthens local agricultural communities. The farm-fresh eggs or newly churned butter you get at the farmers market or eat in one of Ne-Mo’s All-Butter pound cakes will not only taste a lot better but will support the livelihood of farmers and growers.

At Ne-Mo’s Bakery, we believe in the importance of freshness. Since 1975, we have made authentic scratch-baked goods from traditional family recipes, using only the finest, freshest ingredients. You can find our popular treats in thousands of convenience stores nationwide.

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