Carrot Cake Fun Facts (Infographic)

Carrot Cake Fun Facts

Back in 1975, Ned and Mona Smith began selling their delightfully tasty Carrot Cake Squares to a San Diego area 7-11. What started as a local treasure turned into a national treasure: now, Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake Squares can be found at many convenience stores throughout the country. Next time you are traveling the road, or need a quick snack before you pick up the kids from school, grab a Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake Square—you won’t be disappointed!


  • For each batch of Carrot Cake Squares Ne-Mo’s uses the following ingredients:
    • 181 pounds of fresh carrots
    • 164 pounds of sugar
    • 100 pounds of flour
    • 93 pounds of vegetable oil
    • 70 pounds of eggs
  • Other ingredients used to make this delectable treat include cinnamon, walnuts, vanilla, salt, and baking soda.
  • A day of Carrot Cake Square production yields an average of 30,000 per day
  • Annual production for Carrot Cake Squares yields an average close to 6 million squares per year
  • On an annual basis, Ne-Mo’s uses 750,000 pounds of fresh and delicious carrots
  • Around 1.46 million pounds of fresh eggs are used on an annual basis
  • 400,000 pounds of cream cheese are used on a yearly basis to make Ne-Mo’s decadent cream cheese frosting

Baking Process

  • In order to make Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake Squares, a huge mixer is filled with a 650 pound batch of carrot cake batter which is deposited into 12 x 18 sheet pans
  • The 12 x 18 pans are then baked, taken out of the oven to cool, iced with cream cheese frosting, and then cut into perfect 3 x 3 squares
  • Each square is hand wrapped in saran wrap, packed away in cartons and cases, and shipped frozen across the country for consumers to enjoy!

What Makes Ne-Mo’s Unique?

  • Ne-Mo’s uses ingredients that are at their peak of freshness, including crisp carrots, real cream cheese frosting, and a secret cinnamon blend
  • Each square is then hand-wrapped, ensuring maximum freshness
  • Ne-Mo’s motto is “Homemade Goodness…Away from Home” which means that our process has remained hands on over the years to maintain that made-from-scratch, quality taste you crave!
  • Our carrot cake squares are so famous that they have appeared on both the FYI and Food Network channels on their shows Food Factory and Unwrapped, respectively.

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