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Convenience Store Pairings with Ne-Mo’s Baked Goods

Every now and then, we Americans are too busy to make ourselves a standard meal to satisfy our hunger. Luckily, Ne-Mo’s baked goods can be found at convenience stores throughout the country when your hunger pangs strike! Even though our baked treats are delicious and satisfying on their own, make your meal complete with the following pairings:



Ne-Mo’s has a wide variety of delicious breakfast goods that makes you say, “yes, please!” all day long. From the decadent Pull Apart Cinnamon Roll to our made from scratch Wild Blueberry Muffin and Cheese Danishes, you can find the perfect treat throughout the day.


To satisfy your thirst when eating one of Ne-Mo’s delicious muffins, pick up a bottle of Naked Juice to get the vitamins and minerals your body craves—in addition to craving Ne-Mo’s sweet goodness! You can also pick up a protein backed sausage and egg sandwich to get the savory side of breakfast if your heart (and belly) so desire.




We’ve all been there: hungry and on the go with a 7-11 hot dog as the only lunch option. Thankfully, they are a guilty pleasure for many of us and hit the spot when our stomach begs for food. After eating a delicious dog topped with ketchup, mustard, and relish, you deserve a delicious dessert to top off your meal so why not choose a one of our newest (and delightful) desserts, Brookie’s!?


With Brookie’s, we made everything better by combining everyone’s favorite baked goods into one scrumptious treat! Brookie’s are made from gooey fudge brownies and moist chocolate chip cookies, with a creamy layer of caramel binding the best of both world’s together. By eating this, you made your lunch one of the most decadent and delicious lunches imaginable!


Make sure you also quench your thirst by picking up a mango Arizona Iced Tea to get your money’s worth—you won’t be disappointed!



When dinner hits and you are on a road trip, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a sit-down restaurant that takes away precious time on the road. Instead, stop at a convenience store and pick up some delicious treats to refuel your body and get you to your next destination.


Many convenience stores are starting to serve freshly baked pizza and what better way to end your meal with one of Ne-Mo’s Cake Breads? Not only is it a comforting snack, but our cake breads are made with homemade goodness! Try out our Banana Bread Cake Bread made with fresh bananas and walnuts. Or, you can opt for our Coffee Cake which is covered in cinnamon and brown sugar streusel. These Coffee Cakes also pair well with crunchy and flavorful convenience store taquitos—either way, Ne-Mo’s will keep your show on the road.


If you are feeling fancy after having a 7-11 tuna sandwich or steak and cheese melt, finish your meal with our Bundt Cakes! Because we are not completely square, our Bundt Cakes stand out with their moist flavor profile. Inspired by Old World traditions, these cakes will satisfy your roadside cravings and are so delicious, you might even make an extra stop to get another fix!


Of course, there is no better way to end your late night munchie meal, whether it’s mini beef tacos or chicken tenders (or both!) than with Ne-Mo’s delicious and famous Carrot Cake Squares. These squares made us famous—and for good reason. Made with fresh carrots, sweet cream cheese frosting, and a proprietary blend of spices, these squares are the perfect ending to any convenience store meal. Next time you are on the road and need some fuel for your belly, make sure you pick up a made from scratch baked treat from Ne-Mo’s!

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