Finding Ne-Mo’s Baked Goods! [Infographic]

Finding Ne-Mo's Baked Goods.

Since 1975, Ne-Mo’s fine baked goods have been satisfying retailers and consumers with their delicious, made from scratch baked goods. Using the freshest, best ingredients and maintaining their culinary integrity sets Ne-Mo’s apart from their competitors. From our famous Carrot Cake squares, to our newest treat, Brookie’s,  you can find our baked items and pastries throughout the country. Once you try Ne-Mo’s, you will be able to taste the quality and care dedicated to each homemade cake.


If you are craving Ne-Mo’s goods, they can be found at the following stores throughout the nation:


Arizona: If you need to cool off with a baked treat, run to your nearest Circle K for a Ne-Mo’s treat! They can also be found in Circle Ks through out Southern California.


Southern California: Since this is the birthplace of Ne-Mo’s, you’ll not only be able to find their products at Circle K, but also Chevron and AM/PM.


Nevada: When you are playing the slots, make sure you keep full with Ne-Mo’s pastries and cakes. They can be found at Chevron in the Silver State.


Pacific Northwest: If you find yourself in the rainy Northwest, make sure you stop at one of the Plaid Pantry convenience stores to warm up with a Ne-Mo cake or pastry.


Idaho: Idaho is flush with Ne-Mo’s! You can find one of their delectable treats at any of the Fast Eddie’s, Stink Stores, or Zip Trips.


Montana: Check out your local Town n Pump in Montana to get your bake on with Ne-Mo’s.


Colorado: Whether you stop at a Loaf & Jug or Russell’s Convenience Store in Colorado, make sure you grab a Ne-Mo’s baked good before hitting the road.


Midwest: If you are in the Midwest, make sure you stop at your local Speedway and pick up one of Ne-Mo’s delicious treats to refuel your day.


Illinois and Indiana: In Illinois and Indiana, Ne-Mo’s can be found at your local Circle K, so whether it is snowing or the dog days of summer, you can enjoy a delicious Ne-Mo treat thanks to Circle K’s convenient locations.


Ohio: Ne-Mo’s has found a home in Ohio at anyone of the Speedway stores in the state.


Nebraska: Pump n Pantry and Race Track carry Ne-Mo’s to fight away those hunger pangs. Next time you crave a baked treat stop at one of these two stores to get your Ne-Mo’s treat.


Kansas: If you find yourself saying, “there’s no place like home,” then you better stop in a Quick Shop to grab a Ne-Mo’s cake. These made from scratch goods will remind you of your grandma’s baking!


Southeast: Found throughout the Southeast, Turkey Hill carries what you crave: Ne-Mo’s! Make sure you pick one up the next time you stop for a quick bite.


Texas: If you are in the Lone Star state, make a quick stop at either a Cefco or one of the Corner Stores to get satisfy your Ne-Mo’s craving.


New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment carries the most enchanted baked goods of them all: Ne-Mo’s! You can find them at anyone of the Giant convenient stores found throughout the state.


Nationwide: If you aren’t in one of the above states, don’t fret! Get rid of the road trip h-anger at the Travel Centers of America.