Ne-Mo's and Beer Pairings

From Stouts to Pale Ales: The Best Beers to Pair with Ne-Mo’s Treats this Oktoberfest

Irish Stout + Chocolate Cake Slice

The quintessential stout, Guinness has a smooth and creamy mouth-feel and notes of velvety chocolate. Pair it with Ne-Mo’s Chocolate Cake Square to balance the intensity of dark cocoa and its sweet, decadent flavor.

Another pairing option is Murphy’s Irish Stout, which has become more popular in the U.S. thanks to a mellow and sweet flavor, the characteristics that set it apart among European stouts. It offers a silky and creamy sip that helps temper the rich and bold flavors of chocolate pastries.


American Brown Ale + Chocolate Bundt Cake

Compared to European style pale ales, American brown ales have a more malty flavor that makes them stand out. A hoppy brew, Brooklyn Brown Ale has notes of chocolate and caramel, which complements chocolate-based desserts like Ne-Mo’s Chocolate bundt cake or their Chocolate Chip Puddin’ cake slice.

An American brown ale with a complex flavor profile, Sumatra Mountain Brown has a bold malt flavor and notes of caramel, chocolate, and dark roast coffee. When you pair it with classic chocolate-infused treats, the warm and toasty flavors help enhance the satisfying blend of cocoa and baked goods.

English Pale Ale + Carrot Cake


The strong flavor of hops gives Fuller’s London Pride a nutty taste with hints of toasty biscuits. Similar to classic pale ales, you’ll find a mix of hoppy, and fruity flavors in every sip. Enjoy it with the wholesome and comforting flavors of Carrot Cake Square, the Ne-Mo’s treat that started it all!

Another excellent pairing for classic carrot cake, Royal Oak Pale Ale has a strong fruit flavor on the first sip and a prominent amount of malt and hops. The uplifting flavors of fresh baked bread make it the perfect dessert beer for bringing out the warming notes of carrot cake, including vanilla, spices, and fresh carrots.


Pilsner + Lemon Pound Cake


With earthy notes of grass and sweet, hearty oats, Prima Pilsner, a German-style brew, has a crisp and clean flavor that’s wonderfully thirst-quenching, especially in between bites of fruit-flavored pastries. This bright flavored Pilsner helps enhance the pops of citrus in Ne-Mo’s Lemon Pound Cake slice.

Another beer that’s ideal for pairing with fruity pastries, an award-winning Czech Pilsner, Summit uses traditional hops, giving it distinctive floral notes and a bitter-sweet flavor that complements lemon-infused treats.


Wheat Beer + Banana Bread


A best-selling craft beer in the Midwest, Boulevard unfiltered wheat has a strong flavor of baked goods, including hints of citrus and honey. Compared to brown ales, this popular American wheat beer has less caramel flavor and a milder sweetness, which gives it a crisp and refreshing flavor. Try it with Ne-Mo’s Banana Bread, a warm and comforting treat that tempers the slight bite of wheat hops. The nuttiness of the walnuts and the sweet flavor of real bananas also highlights the complexity of toasty wheat hops.

Dogfish Head also makes a white ale in the traditional Belgian style. Their popular Namaste White packs a punch of flavor, including notes of dried orange slices, lemongrass, and a touch of spice with peppercorns and coriander. Treat your taste buds to its crisp finish after a bite of buttery and sweet banana cake.


Saison + Lemon Raspberry Crumble Cake


A touch of malt and barley adds complexity to bold fruit flavors like apples, berries, and peaches. Made by an American craft brewery, Framboise du Fermier has strong notes of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. A simple and not overly complex brew, it makes a delicious dessert wine, especially when you pair it with Ne-Mo’s moist and tangy Lemon Raspberry Crumble Cake filled with real raspberry fruit filling.

Another perfect beer for pairing with fruit-based pastries, Hoppy Table Beer is a twist on traditional Belgian style ale its fruity farmhouse flavor. The bitter and refreshing finish also helps mellow the intensity of the tangy and sweet flavors of berries and baked goods.


Porter + Traditional Coffee Cake


Medium-bodied porters share many similarities to stouts and brown ales. But what makes this type of beer distinctive is the subtle notes of roasted coffee. Its velvety smooth finish goes perfectly with Ne-Mo’s Traditional Coffee Cake, a rich and satisfying pastry that gets a boost from the mild coffee flavor. The complexity of its flavor profile also helps to soften the intensity of this decadent dessert, including notes of dark fruit like cherries and figs.

This Oktoberfest, say ‘prost’ to excellent craft beers and delicious treats from Ne-Mo’s, a match made in dessert heaven.

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