How to Incorporate Ne-Mo's Into Your New Year’s Party

How to Incorporate Ne-Mo’s Into Your New Year’s Party

Anyone who’s hosting a gathering on the last day of the year knows the party has to be fun, if not legendary. Revelers have high expectations for New Year’s Eve, wanting to make the most of the waning hours of the old year while also starting off the next year with a bang.

Meet those expectations and throw the perfect New Year’s party by offering guests incredible food and drinks – especially some delicious Ne-Mo’s desserts. Nothing encourages excess and lowered inhibitions more than indulging in sweets!

Using Ne-Mo’s desserts at your New Year’s party saves you time and stress. Why spend hours baking when you can get affordable, fresh-tasting goodness in a variety of flavors? Here are a few ways you can incorporate Ne-Mo’s treats into your New Year’s festivities:

Peppermint Mocha Cake Squares

Peppermint is a classic holiday flavor and a seasonal favorite for many people. Ne-Mo’s Peppermint Mocha Cake Squares are not only the ideal flavor to fit the theme of New Year’s Eve, but come in individual portion sizes to make them easy for guests to take a perfect portion. Scratch-baked from family recipes with the highest quality ingredients, the cake squares are incredibly popular treats and also save you from having to slice up a cake in the midst of entertaining your friends.

Golden Pound Cake

A traditional dessert that’s ideal for reminiscing about the “golden years,” the Golden Pound Cake is best served earlier in the night when your guests are looking back at the previous months and sharing fond memories. Refreshing and buttery, this cake tastes amazing with fresh fruit,  and helps that playlist you put together add energy to the party.

Chocolate Puddin’ Cake with Chocolate Chips

Just before midnight, savory decadence is in order. New Year’s resolutions won’t start until the next day, so the last few hours of the year are the perfect time to indulge in the most delicious vice: chocolate. Ne-Mo’s Chocolate Puddin’ Cake with Chocolate Chips explodes with rich flavor and dark goodness that sets that right mood around midnight. As you serve these sweet slices of chocolate dessert, remind your guests that there are no caloric consequences worth worrying about on the last night of the year.

Strawberry ‘n Crème Cake

As the sparkly ball drops and countdown ends, make sure you have something to pair with those popping champagne bottles. Strawberry ‘n Crème Cake is an easy solution for busy hosts, allowing them to replicate the time-honored pairing of strawberries and champagne without having to wash all the fruit. Simple and sweet, this cake complements the crisp tingles of your favorite bubbly as glasses clink around the party in celebration.

Traditional Coffee Cake

If your New Year’s party lasts until the wee hours of the morning, or even breakfast, having Ne-Mo’s Traditional Coffee Cake around will come in handy. The comforting, crumbly cake presents a nice counterpoint to the rich flavors of the previous night and will save hosts from having to prepare an early-morning meal. Brew up some fresh coffee to serve with the cake and you’ll have the perfect end to your New Year’s party.

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