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Mystery Ingredient: Five Unusual and Unexpected Baking Items

Sometimes baking can seem boring: we all know the typical ingredients one would use to whip up a delicious batch of cookies—chocolate chips, oatmeal, or peanut butter—or make a dozen, stellar cupcakes—like lemon zest, cream cheese frosting, or blueberries. But there are numerous, creative ingredients out there that will create luxurious desserts and spark your creativity in the kitchen.


Most of us know cornflakes as something best enjoyed in a bowl with milk, but there are many creative ways to incorporate this breakfast meal into a delicious baked treat! Cornflakes are a great addition as they add an almost savory quality to a baked treat, complimenting the sweetness with a light crunch that adds a dynamic texture. While nuts and seeds add depth and substance, sometimes all you want is a savory crunch which can be obtained with the cornflakes. These Coconut Cashew Cornflake Bars from A Crafty Lass are the perfect substitute for Rice Krispie Treats as they add all sorts of texture from the cornflakes, banana chips, and cashews. You can also add cornflakes to put a new spin on the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe thanks to this cornflake and chocolate cookie recipe from not without salt. Regardless of the possibilities, these treats will satisfy your dessert needs.


No, you won’t only find avocado decking the top of your favorite slice of toast. Avocado, in all of its nutty and creamy glory, can be used in an array of fabulous desserts that will make even the most skeptical of avocado eaters rejoice. Avocado is the perfect accompaniment to make smooth desserts, like ice cream or pudding, which is why you have to try this recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding from the minimalist baker. The best thing about this recipe is that it is nutrient-dense thanks to potassium-rich bananas, avocados and their healthy fats, peanut butter’s protein, and the antioxidants found in chocolate. You may even reach for a spoonful of this first thing in the morning! If you are looking for something a guilty pleasure, then try Avocado Brownies from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. This dense and chewy brownie recipe is perfect for those of us sensitive or allergic to gluten as the recipe does not call for flour. Even if you aren’t gluten-free, this treat will have you going back for more.


Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, bacon can be a food group on its own. Combine it with your favorite baked treat, and this salty delicacy elevates even the simplest of cookies into a savory-sweet dessert for kings. Bacon and chocolate pair together like peanut butter and jelly or wine and cheese. Because of that, you should definitely make these maple bacon chocolate cupcakes from Vanilla Lemonade. After making these once, you will forget that bacon is typically a breakfast item and have to remind yourself that they aren’t only for dessert. If you really want to go all out, you have to make Chocolate Bacon Bomb Pie from Wine and Glue. Loaded with Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate Cookies, pretzels, and a package of bacon, this pie is sure to blow you and your family away!


Bacon takes the cake when it comes to salty-sweet flavor combinations, but if you are looking to kick it up a notch, then look no further than adding peppers to your next baking concoction. Making your dessert a bit spicy may seem counterintuitive, but peppers enhance chocolate’s flavor and add a fantastic dimension to your sweet treats. Just a Pinch’s recipe for Ancho Chocolate Chip Cookies provides a nice bite every time you take a bite from these chewy delights. If you are looking for something a bit richer (if that is even possible), then you should definitely try this Dark Chocolate Chip Chipotle Sweet Potato Fudge from The Vegan 8. This recipe only calls for seven ingredients, not to mention that it is both oil- and dairy-free. If you are a spice-fiend, then make sure to add the optional red pepper flakes to really feel the heat from the kitchen.

Soda Pop

You might be wondering about baking with soda pop as adding liquid might seem like you are going to make a runny dessert. But fear not! Adding soda makes any recipe effervescent and ensures maximum sweetness. If you are wondering what to make, Tablespoon has six different recipes calling for your favorite beverage, but if you are unsure as to where to start, try their Sprite Biscuits. Butter makes these biscuits melt in your mouth while bubbly Sprite ensures the biscuits reach maximum fluff. These are perfect to pair with savory breakfast items like sausage gravy and an over-easy egg. If you have a hankering for chocolate, then why not try this Coca-Cola Cake recipe from America’s favorite beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola. Perfectly sweet and oh, so tender, this recipe may soon become a kitchen staple of yours.

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