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Ne-Mo’s Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

‘Tis the season for comfort, joy, and the art of culinary ingenuity! From high tech lunch boxes to top-rated pasta machines, this guide will appeal to almost anyone who enjoys cooking—at no expense of style and convenience.

1.    Vaya Tyffyn Lunch Box

This flawless product features every amenity you could ever need. The Tyffin lunch box is built to last: the leak-proof stainless steel gives it maximum durability while the advanced VacuTherm technology keeps your food cold or warm for up to five hours. Tyffyn lunch boxes are available in two sizes along with three sizes of inner containers (300 mL, 400 mL and 600 mL), which are designed with many artistic colors and patterns. Tyffyns are also customizable, allowing you to add partitions to make enough space for an entire six-course meal on the go!

2.    Caffè Umbria Moka Pot  

Not your typical coffee machine, the Caffé Umbria Moka Pot is a traditional stovetop appliance that makes extraordinary Italian espresso. One sip of the genuine Italian taste is all it takes to be transported to a café in Italy. At an affordable $36, the Caffé Umbria Moka Pot is worth every penny, especially since you won’t have to spend money at a café but can now make espresso drinks in the comfort of home.

3.    So Yummy Magisso Perfect Slice Cake Server

Maintain the delicate, nuanced flavor of your cake with the stainless steel So Yummy Magisso Perfect Cake Slice Server. For the cake enthusiasts, this handy baker’s gadget is a real game-changer. An elegantly designed work of art, the cake server also features a cake slicer function. Simply push the slicer into the cake and squeeze as you lift an impeccable, mess-free slice of cake. With a professional presentation, you can transform an ordinary cake slice into a world-class dessert, especially when you add garnishes like mint and berries. Try it once and you won’t be able to live without this modern and practical baking accessory.

4.    All Natural Cutting Board Seasoning Wax Stick by Old Factory Soap

Keep your cutting board in mint condition with the cutting board wax stick, which adds flavor and function to your cutting board. The blend of high-quality coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil helps to maintain the wood’s natural oil content. It also seals out odors, stains, and protects the cutting board from everyday wear and tear. This season, head into the New Year with an immaculate cutting board, all thanks to the natural protective properties of Old Factory’s All Natural Board Seasoning Wax Stick.

5.    Personalized Storybook and Apron Gift Set by I See Me

Have a blast with your family and make fond memories of cooking together with this fun and festive Story Book and Apron Gift Set. The stories are personalized with two children, including their first names, skin tone, and hair color. The apron also features an adult figure customized by the adult’s first name or nickname along with skin tone and hair color. You can also include a photo and special message for the dedication page with names of three family members or friends. The set also includes a personalized child’s apron for mess-free fun when you cook as a family.

6.    GelPro Kitchen Mats

Say goodbye to daily foot fatigue and discomfort in the kitchen with the high tech GelPro Kitchen Mats. Supportive and shock absorbing, these professional kitchen mats are highly effective in reducing foot and leg pain that comes from standing for long periods. GelPro has developed an intuitive floor mat that provides both style and comfort through a modern design with a pain-relieving cushion.

7.    Sprinkle Pop Luxury Holiday Baking Decorations

Use these festive sprinkles to spice up your treats this winter season. They have tons of varieties to choose from, including color assortments like “Oh Snow Cute”, “Christmas Magic”, and “Winter Wonderland.” With so much thought and love put into the themes of these special and festive sprinkles, it turns any holiday treat into a colorful, professional looking dessert.

8.    Marcato Pasta Machine

Made with high-quality chrome steel, the Marcato Atlas 150mm Pasta Machine will brighten up your kitchen like no other appliance. It also makes fresh Italian pasta that is perfect for a family dinner or party. If you want to make your pasta a truly home-cooked meal, this genuine Italian pasta maker is an essential kitchen tool.

9. Ne-Mo’s Treats

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with Ne-Mo’s treats, a favorite dessert that the whole family will love. Featuring classic comfort food delights that are individually packaged and portioned, Ne-Mo’s treats are perfect stocking stuffers for everybody on your list. Using a family recipe developed by founder Ed Smith, wholesome ingredients like farm fresh eggs and fresh fruit give these cake bread slices a fluffy texture and rich, flavorful bite. Choose from carrot cake, chocolate, pound cake, and much more!

Whether they enjoy baking, hosting dinner parties, or drinking the most fabulous cup of coffee, this list is perfect for all the gourmands on your list (including yourself!).

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