Ne-Mo's NEW Cake Breads

Ne-Mo’s New Cake Bread Flavors are Here

When it comes to wholesome, home-baked goodness, Ne-Mo’s all-new treats are to-die-for delicious, and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

Chocolate Chip Cake Bread

A decadent twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie, this moist and sweet bread is the ultimate comfort food with a hint of vanilla and a generous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you like this new bread, you’ll also love other Ne-Mo’s treats like the Chocolate Puddin’ cake slice and Chocolate Chip Muffin.

Iced Golden Pound Cake Bread

Traditional pound cake gets a gets an elegant update with Ne-Mo’s all new Iced Golden Pound Cake, which showcases a decadent waterfall of vanilla icing combined with rich and buttery flavors of premium vanilla cake. Pound cake fans will also love Ne-Mo’s Pull Apart Cinnamon Roll , a gooey and sticky treat that’s covered in tangy rich cream cheese icing that’s seriously addictive.

Double Chocolate Cake Bread

If you love Ne-Mo’s Chocolate cake bread, get ready for the ultimate chocolate pastry experience with our all-new Double Chocolate cake bread. Made with a double dose of chocolate chips, this rich and decadent cake is a chocolate lover’s dream.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread

Made with fresh pieces of strawberry, this moist and flavorful cake bread comes together with a decadent cream cheese filling for a satisfying and creamy finish. If you have a craving for rich, cream-filled pastries, you’ll also love Ne-Mo’s Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, a yummy blend of coffee and cake flavors that are balanced with the tart and smooth cream cheese.

The baking experts at Ne-Mo’s are thrilled to ‘bake’ the world a better place, starting with their all-new cake bread flavors that are simply divine!

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