Pairing Our Baked Goods: Salty Snacks and Sweet Treats

Pairing Our Baked Goods: Salty Snacks and Sweet Treats

Whether hosting a party or having a quiet night at home, the timeless combination of salty and sweet snacks rules the menu, and there is no better sweet treat than our delicious baked goods. Next time you host a movie night or have a relaxing weekend BBQ, make sure you reach for Ne-Mo’s homemade goodness to pair with your salty treats!

Seeds and Nuts

Thanks to their nutritional values and healthy fats, seeds and nuts are deliciously healthy snacks. Luckily, they are the perfect pairing for all of our baked treats. Our famous Carrot Cake Squares already contain walnuts, but why not top it off with a few more roasted, lightly salted, chopped walnuts to highlight the sweet cream cheese frosting? You can also pair roasted almonds with our Peppermint Mocha Cake, or creamy cashews with our Lemon Cake. Either choice is sure to bring delight to your taste buds.


Popcorn is best paired with a movie, and why not bring Ne-Mo’s baked goods to the party? Along with your buttery popcorn, serve up some of Ne-Mo’s delicious Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls to give your movie night an air of decadence. Flaky, buttery pastry, along with tangy cream cheese frosting pairs is highlighted by the salty flavor profile of popcorn. If you are looking for an extra layer of flavor and are a fan of pumpkin spice, then you will love eating our Pumpkin Spice Cake with your freshly popped popcorn. Either choice is a win-win!

Potato Chips

It may seem strange, but the salty potato crunch pairs perfectly with chocolatey cakes. That’s why we recommend pairing our Chocolate Cake Square with kettle-cooked chips. The best option to match with chocolate cake is a sea salt chip, this way the flavor of the chip doesn’t overpower the chocolatey goodness of our cake. You can also pair sea salt chips with our Traditional Coffee Cake for the perfect blend of cinnamon sweetness with the salty kick you get from the kettle chips.


One of the most versatile of salty snacks, pretzels are a great pairing for all of our baked treats! Try warming up our Brookies in the microwave and placing a pretzel on the gooey top: not only will you have a deliciously warm cookie/brownie combo with a buttery caramel layer, you’ll also have a crunchy, salty pretzel to round out your treat! Pretzels also pair with any of our chocolate-flavored delights, like our Chocolate Bundt Cake. These spectacularly moist cakes are the perfect pairing for a salty snack like pretzels.

Cheese and Crackers

Charcuterie plates are one of humanity’s best inventions: who doesn’t love a plate of savory meats, smooth and creamy cheese, and crunchy crackers? And why not make this heavenly spread better by adding some of Ne-Mo’s breads to the selection? Next time you construct this plate, add our Zesty Lemon Bread to give a sweetly bright bite to your charcuterie plate. Cut these into cubes to make the perfect conduit of cheese, meat, and cracker crunch.

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