Coffee pairing with Ne-Mo's treats

The Best Convenience Store Coffee to Pair with Your Ne-Mo’s Treats

For many of us, coffee is the liquid fuel that gets us going in the morning, but when you pair it with complimentary treats from Ne-Mo’s, get ready for your a.m. routine to go from basic to extra delicious. Try these classic coffee and dessert pairings for breakfast, a midday snack, or an after-dinner treat.

Circle K

Latin American coffees like the Colombian Dark Roast from Circle K is known for its well-balanced flavor and rich, spicy notes, which pairs perfectly with Ne-Mo’s Chocolate Chip Muffin or Cinnamon Roll. Another classic pairing is cake and coffee, especially Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake Square, which tastes delicious with a medium roast House Blend. For coffee with a full body flavor like Hazelnut, the rich and buttery notes pair well with decadent desserts, such as Ne-Mo’s Red Velvet Cake Square or Black & White Cake.


Sourced from the world’s finest coffee regions, the 7-Reserve Africa Blend has a range of complimentary flavors like grapefruit, berries, and oranges, making it a perfect cup of java to pair with Ne-Mo’s Wild Blueberry Bread or Zesty Lemon Bread. Another coffee that goes well with fruity desserts is their Exclusive Blend, thanks to a bright and well-balanced flavor with hints of vanilla. Try it with Ne-Mo’s Cream Cheese Coffee Cake or Banana Bread for a morning treat that is sure to put a spring in your step.


The light to medium body of Racetrac’s Costa Rican coffee is bright and tangy, making it an ideal cup of joe to pair with Ne-Mo’s fruity cake squares like Lemon or Carrot Cake. Desserts with blueberries also make for a tasty pairing, such as the Lemon-Raspberry Crumble Cake filled with real raspberry filling. Another pairing made in coffee and dessert heaven is the dark roast blend and chocolate flavored treats, like Ne-Mo’s Pumpkin Spice Cake or the decadent and delicious Chocolate Cake, which brings out notes of cocoa and spice.


Start your day off right with a fresh brewed cup of Best Bean Coffee, which features a blend of the finest beans from South America, Central America and Africa. Best Bean Coffee offers a rich and full-bodied cup of java that isn’t too acidic. Its silky and buttery mouth-feel helps balance out the creamy richness of Ne-Mo’s Cream Cheese Coffee Cake or their melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Chip Muffin. This specialty coffee blend adds an earthy and warm profile that balances well with Ne-Mo’s Cinnamon Danish with icing or Iced Honey Bun.

Convenience store coffee is more than an everyday survival tool, especially when you combine it with your favorite treat. Whether you’re on the go, out for a drive, or just passing through, take your coffee break to the next level when you pair it with one of Ne-Mo’s delectable pastries.

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