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The Best Donut Shops in San Diego by Neighborhood

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy donuts in San Diego, and for the serious sweet tooth, that’s kind of the same thing. Try these locally recommended bakeries, and when you discover the perfect treat for your sugar craving, ‘donut’ let them go!


Peterson’s Donut Corner

With one of the biggest selections of baked treats in North County, this local bakery is known for its made-from-scratch apple fritters and rich, decadent maple bacon bars. Along with classic glazed donuts and donut holes, they also feature cream puffs and the best French crullers in town.


Donut Bar

If you’re in the mood to indulge, ‘donut’ worry, be happy! At the Donut Bar, take your coffee break to the next level with their unique and eclectic variety of donut flavors, from the classic Homer Simpson Donut with pink cake batter glaze and sprinkles to exciting flavors like Maple Bourbon and Salted Caramel. Mmmmmmm….doughnuts.

North Park

Streetcar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee

Serving up the ultimate comfort food combo, this old-fashioned style eatery is the perfect place to get your fried chicken and donut fix. They offer cooked-to-order chicken and donuts made from scratch, including Salted Nutella, Strawberry Milkshake, and Molasses Maple Bacon, a tasty trifecta of finger-lickin’ deliciousness!


Rose Donuts

Life is always better when it’s sugarcoated, so step away from the kale and make the most of your naughty indulgence at Rose Donuts, a 24-hour bakery with inexpensive prices and a large selection of sweet treats. Get your sugar high in the morning, afternoon, or late night with a variety of delicious items like apple fritters and classic donut selections. For a more substantial breakfast, they also make a delicious breakfast sandwich and Vietnamese coffee, which has a rich and distinctive flavor.

South Bay

Stardust Donut Shop

If you don’t mind a little sass from the staff, this South Bay bakery is known for its inexpensive prices and decadent German chocolate café doughnut. The air glazed cinnamon roll spirals have become legendary, thanks to a family recipe that dates back to its grand opening more than four decades ago.


VG Donut and Bakery

Make the beautiful ocean vistas of Cardiff even sweeter when you get cinnamon buns to go from VG Donut and Bakery. The fried and glazed dough is the secret to these iconic treats, which have become a local favorite. And ‘donut’ worry—this family-owned shop makes donuts twice a day, so you can always expect the freshest baked goods. Another popular item on the menu is the blueberry buttermilk donuts, a sweet confection that’s oh-so-delicious, you better get a baker’s dozen!


Donut Panic

Welcome to the only doughnut shop in town that offers vegan donuts, along with traditional versions featuring an haute cuisine twist. Inventive and one-of-a-kind, their rotating donut flavors include Earl Grey tea, Rose Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, and Chocolate Coconut.

Little Italy

Devil’s Dozen

If you need a break from acai bowls and healthy salads, make the most of your guilty indulgence with the Devil’s Dozen and their gourmet donut flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Glazed, and Old Fashioned. They also offer creative flavors of the day like Lucky Charms, Irish Cream and Key Lime. Yum!


Mary’s Donuts

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, it’s time to go big at Mary’s Donuts, home of the world famous gigantic apple fritters and Big Donuts. Even if you don’t dream about donuts like Homer Simpson, these fresh-made treats are light and airy, which makes for a melt-in-your-mouth donut that you’ll remember fondly. The cream puffs also come in a range of yummy flavors including traditional custard, chocolate mousse, lemon, raspberry, blueberry, and coconut.

Donut Star

Open 24 hours, this old-fashioned bakery isn’t fancy, but what it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in deliciousness. Add a little sweetness to your life with fluffy, yeasted donuts or try their old-fashioned buttermilk donuts topped with pastry cream for a classic treat.

All you need is love…and donuts!

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