The History of Ne-Mo's Bakery

The History of Ne-Mo’s Bakery

In 1975, Ned Smith and his then-wife, Mona, began selling homemade cheesecakes to local restaurants in San Diego, CA. Ne-Mo’s Bakery, an abbreviation of both Ned and Mona’s names, used old family recipes to create delicious baked goods that were craved throughout the San Diego-area.

Eventually, their carrot cake recipe caught the eye of a local 7-11 owner who wanted to sell these 3 x 3 treats to his customers. Ned agreed, and saw an opportunity develop before his eyes: he could sell these decadent carrot cakes to convenience stores across the country, so what began as a local bakery has now turned into a national treat! 

History of Nemo's bakery treatsToday, batches of carrot cake batter are stirred up in huge mixers, deposited into 12 x 18 sheet pans, baked, cooled, iced, and cut into perfectly delicious 3 x 3 squares. Each square is then hand wrapped in Saran wrap to keep the cake fresh, packed into cartons and cases, and then shipped frozen across North America. What sets Ne-Mo’s carrot cake apart from their competitors is the best and freshest quality products: fresh carrots, real cream cheese icing, a secret cinnamon blend, and hand wrapped squares ensure maximum freshness. This is what makes Ne-Mo’s carrot cake squares incredibly moist and taste like they came from your kitchen! With millions of carrot cakes made each year, Ne-Mo’s is the best choice for a convenient snack on the go! Alongside the famous Carrot Cake Square, there is a variety of other baked goods offered that are just as delicious. A few of which include chocolate, banana, red velvet, and black & white cakes. These were followed by cake slices, breads, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and Danishes.

Ne-Mo’s products are still made from scratch in Escondido, CA and our Carrot Cake Square remains famous across the US! Our motto is “Homemade Goodness…Away from Home.” To maintain the highest level of quality over the past 42 years has meant keeping our baking process hands on, just like you would in your own kitchen!