Top Snacks for your Summer Road Trip

Every pioneer dreams of heading west in search of striking it big; it’s the American dream, which makes the road trip a quintessential right of passage, whatever direction you may be headed. Sounds romantic and whimsical but with an ocean of highway between you and your destination, the open road can get to be a drag.

On your next adventure behind the wheel, break up the monotony of interstate travel with a variety of top rated, seriously addictive snacks ranging from sweet and decadent to crunchy and savory, plus a few healthy options thrown in for good measure.

Before heading out on the road, we recommend preparing for your road trip by creating a packing list, using helpful travel apps, and of course, stocking up on some of these must-have summer road trip snacks.

Light & Healthy

Balance out your on-the-road menu by mixing it up with a few nutritious selections, like Nature Valley Granola Bars Crunchy Oats n’ Honey™. Made with whole oats and nuts, it has just hint of sweetness and a satisfying crunch. Keep your selection varied with energy bars sweetened with dates, like the Larabar™, which features a sugar-free, gluten-free bar made with dried fruits and veggies. The dates give these healthy bars just enough sweetness while the tartness of the dried fruit gives it a tangy pop of flavor. Keeping in line with health-conscious, low sugar snacks, coconut water is a thirst-quenching complement to energy bars while also imparting its full flavor with no sugar added.

Another healthy snack that stops on-the-road hunger pains is hummus and pretzels, a light and crispy option that are ideal for warm weather. If you’re craving something sweet, KIND healthy grains® bars are light but filling, thanks to protein and lots of dried fruit and nuts. For a healthy snack that delivers a crunchy bite, look for Planters nuts, like peanuts, almonds, or pistachios.

Round out your nutrition with an energy bar that has a high protein content, like the peanut butter flavored Clif Bar®. It satisfies any roadside sugar cravings without being too sweet, which makes it a healthy alternative to the classic chocolate candy bar. Make it the ultimate protein snack by pairing it with some ice-cold milk, a nutritious combo when hunger strikes on the road.


Sweet & Decadent

Ideal for a morning treat or afternoon coffee break, Ne-Mo’s famous cake squares are moist and fluffy, making them perfect for pairing with a cup of eye-opening java. Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, Ne-Mo’s treats are individually portioned and packaged for on-the-go convenience. If you need a dark chocolate fix, you’ll love Ne-Mo’s Chocolate Cake Square, a rich and velvety take on a classic dessert. Pair it with a premium dark roast coffee, which complements the rich chocolate with a smoky and full-bodied flavor.

Another iconic treat is the Nestle® Drumstick® ice cream cone covered in delicious toppings—it’s the taste of summertime itself. While you’re in the freezer section of your nearest convenience store, you also have the option of choosing another classic ice cream dessert, the ice cream sandwich. Pair it with an old fashioned IBC® Root Beer for an on-the-go delight that tastes like a root beer float. Ice cream on a stick is another favorite for on-the-go convenience, especially the Dovebar® Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, which comes individually packaged at many convenience stores. The premium chocolate coating also keeps the vanilla ice cream from melting too quickly in the heat.

Classic Snacks & Treats

There’s a reason why the Snickers® candy bar is a classic treat—when your hunger level is ravenous, the combination of gooey caramel, nuts, and chocolate is the ultimate indulgence. Wash it down with an ice cold Coca-Cola® for the all American snack combo.With Doritos®, you get a tortilla chip with a major burst of flavor, so it quickly satisfies any road trip munchies.

Make sure you have a powerful thirst quencher like Gatorade® or PowerAde® close by. The best thing about this snack duo is the convenience factor—you can find these snacks at any convenience store along major highways and interstates. Pretzels with a serious punch of flavor, Snyder’s® Pretzel Pieces in Honey Mustard & Onion are super savory, making these tasty nuggets another must-have for your snack pack. Also, pretzels are a less-greasy alternative to classic potato chips.

Another classic comfort food is Ne-Mo’s famous Carrot Cake Square, a single hand-cut portion of light and fluffy cake that comes together with a creamy layer of sweet icing. Pair it with a dark roast coffee, which helps balance the rich and satisfying flavors. Make it a morning road trip ritual or save it as an after-dinner treat, a delicious way to up the ante on tasty convenience food pairings.

With your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel, embrace the journey ahead with a taste for adventure…and lots of binge-worthy snacks.

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