The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist (Infographic)

You were born to run. You’ve got a fast car and a plan to get out of here. Life is a highway, after all, and you’re ready to ride like the wind. You’re about to embark on the ultimate road trip, but before you gun that engine down the interstate, stock up on these essential supplies:

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist


Gas:  First things first – fill the tank at your nearest gas station or convenience store so you can go for miles without worrying about where to fuel up next.

Tire Air Pressure: While you’re at the gas station, check the air pressure in your tires. Make sure all four hot wheels are fully pumped and ready to hit the road. 

Coffee: Don’t forget about fuel for yourself. Grab a large coffee and maybe a cold coffee drink as a backup. You’ll need the caffeine to stay alert as you helm the wheel.

Water: Make sure you don’t get dehydrated during the long hours behind the wheel. Temper all that caffeine you’re consuming with lots of water. Pick up several water bottles (or an entire case) at the convenience store to bring with you.

First-Aid Kit: Safety first is your motto on the road. If you don’t have a first-aid kit in your glove box or trunk, grab one for those “just in case” situations.

Sweets: When the caffeine runs out, you may need a sugar rush to prop open those blurry eyes. Using fresh ingredients and family recipes, Ne-Mo’s delicious baked goods will satisfy the sweet teeth of everyone in the car.

Electronic Essentials: That road trip playlist will burn through your phone’s battery, so be sure to have a charger with you. If you forgot it, convenience stores sell electronic essentials like chargers, headphones, etc.

A Map: Even if you’re a descendant of Magellan himself, it’s smart to keep a physical map on hand during road trips. Reception can get spotty and that trusty navigation app might blink out, so buy a map at the convenience store for a few bucks.

Napkins: Every experienced road-tripper knows that spills happen, especially when you’re on longer journeys. Grab a stack of napkins from the convenience store for your glove box, or bring a roll of paper towels. There’s no doubt they will come in handy.

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