What’s Your Favorite Cake Flavor?

What’s Your Favorite Cake flavor?

“Let them eat cake” is one of the phrases we love to live by and any day is a good day to have some cake. The hardest part of the decision is often what flavor to choose! Here are some of the most popular cake flavors and what a few people in the baking industry have to say about their favorites.

The Classic: Chocolate

We have the ancient Mesoamericans to thank for this delicious flavor. Chocolate has been popular in cultures around the world for thousands of years and is the quintessential classic cake flavor. For many of us, it brings up nostalgic memories of childhood birthday parties and licking batter from the spoon when your mom’s not looking.

A simple, rich chocolate cake is always going to be devoured, but bakers are also experimenting with unique twists and combinations, like orange chocolate, lavender chocolate, ginger-lime chocolate, and more. Another example is from Krysten Dornik, a food blogger specializing in allergy-friendly recipes. She says: “My favorite cake flavor is definitely chocolate, but not just any chocolate. I like to make my chocolate cakes using coffee or espresso for the liquid instead of water. It brings out the chocolate flavor and the overall chocolate flavor is much richer. Most people can’t pinpoint that the cake is made using coffee but can tell that the chocolate cake is richer than what they are used to. My grandmother taught me to do this when I was a little girl, and now I never make a chocolate cake without using coffee.”

The Unexpected: Almond

In the world of baked goods, the almond flavor usually makes you think of scones, biscuits, or cookies, but it’s also a delicious and unexpected flavor for cakes. While not a traditional cake flavor choice in the U.S., almond is growing in popularity and has been a favorite in European and Central and South American cultures. A lighter flavor than chocolate that’s not too sweet, almond is a palate pleaser. Karla Garcia, owner and blogger of Sweets By Karla, says: “Almond is my favorite cake flavor because I grew up eating it at almost all of the birthday parties that I went to. I’m Puerto Rican and that is the flavor that is the most popular when making Puerto Rican cakes… my clients love it!”

The “Healthiest”: Carrot

Let’s face it – a slice of carrot cake could be loaded with twice the calories than a slice of chocolate, and we still tell ourselves it’s healthier because we’re eating a vegetable! Carrot is particularly popular as a cake flavor around the holidays as the traditional ingredients of nuts, spices, and cream cheese frosting complement the flavorful meats and wines that tend to fill festive tables. While it may not always be the healthiest, carrot cake is one of the most heavenly.

The Comeback Kid: Vanilla Birthday Cake

Like chocolate, vanilla is a classic flavor, but it has a reputation for being a little boring. But vanilla birthday cake flavor is much more exciting and wins the comeback award for flavors due to its huge popularity in cakes, ice creams, cookies, etc. Colorful sprinkles make everything better and the rich, creamy taste has a bit of sentimentality to it.

Sharon Simmonds, Director of Marketing for Ne-Mo’s Bakery, shares: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake Squares, but my new favorite is the just-launched Vanilla Birthday Cake Square. It’s such a decadent combination of rich vanilla cake baked with festive sprinkles, topped with the most decadent and smooth vanilla buttercream icing I ever had.  I love the individual 3oz portion, it allows me to get my fix without going overboard! Convenience store chains like Chevron and Maverik will be carrying this flavor soon, so be on the lookout.”


Those are some of our favorite cake flavors. What are yours? Leave a reply below!

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