Attention Retailers

Looking to add appeal, quality, and a profitable return to your pre-packaged bakery selection? Ne-Mo’s fine assortment of conveniently packaged baked goods offers just the right selection and taste to keep your customers coming back for more. Each individually portioned treat is baked from scratch using the highest quality of fresh ingredients, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty in every bite.

The Ne-Mo’s Advantage

  • Brand Recognition - The most recognized cake squares on the market

  • Conveniently packaged product in eye-catching display cartons

  • Easy to display merchandising aids

  • Large assortment of everyone’s favorite scratch baked treats

  • Increased turnover for maximized sales & profitability

  • Highest standards in quality ingredients

  • Attentive and prompt customer service
  • Ne-Mo’s Downloads

    Ne-Mo’s Snacks Sell Sheets and Nutritional Information are in PDF file format for easy download.

    To download file, right-click on the link, and choose "Save Link As..." to save document to your computer.

    Cake Squares Cake Squares Sell Sheet

    Seasonal Cake Squares Seasonal Cake Squares Sell Sheet

    Bundt Cakes Bundt Cakes Sell Sheet

    Cake Slices Cake Slices Sell Sheet

    Cake Breads Bread Slices Sell Sheet

    Breakfast Breakfast Sell Sheet

    Brookies Brookie's Sell Sheet

    Crumble Cakes Crumble Cakes Sell Sheet

    Pull-Apart Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Cinnamon Roll Sell Sheet

    Merchandise Merchandising Solutions

    Nutrition Info Nutritional Information

    Having Any Trouble? Try Downloading Acrobat. Or contact us to help you sort it out.

    Wholesale Contacts

    To find a distributor of Ne-Mo’s Fine Bakery Treats in your area, please send email or call us directly at 800-325-2692.

    Sam DeLucca, Jr.
    Senior Vice President, Sales
    Phone: 760-300-3071
    E-mail: customerservice@horizonfoodgroup.com

    Shari Smith
    Customer Service Manager
    Phone: 760-300-3070
    E-mail: ssmith@horizonfoodgroup.com

    Michael Stevenson
    Eastern Account Manager-C Store Channel
    Phone: 760-300-3080
    Fax: 760-300-3081
    e-mail: mstevenson@horizonfoodgroup.com

    Ryan Maher
    Western Account Manager-C Store Channel
    Phone: 760-300-3068
    Email: rmaher@horizonfoodgroup.com